Dr. Ruvalcaba and Dr. Félix participate in the "Dialogues in Reproduction" Congress, in Cancun

Within the framework of the event "Addressing New Challenges in the Dynamics of Human Reproduction" - held at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel in Cancun on April 29 and 30 - various doctors and national and international specialists met to present topics related to multiple areas of fertility such as endometriosis, ovarian rejuvenation and psychological support in assisted reproduction treatments, among others.

- Dr. Luis Arturo Ruvalcaba Castellón – Director of Mexican Institute of Infertility (IMI) and Member of the Medical Council of The Fertility Center – welcomed speakers from Yucatán, Jalisco, Chiapas, Quintana Roo, Sinaloa and Mexico City, as well as attendees who had the opportunity to participate in this scientific exchange sponsored by the Mexican Association of Reproductive Medicine (AMMR) which, since its foundation in 1949, has been dedicated to promoting research and dissemination of knowledge in this branch of medicine.

Representing The Fertility Center of Tijuana, attended by Dr. Ruvalcaba, Dr. Jesús A. Félix Atondo, Medical Director of The Fertility Center, and Dr. Joaquín Frías, Gynecologist, Obstetrician and Biologist of Human Reproduction.

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