Life & Wellness Medical Group is a network of high-level clinics in Tijuana, Mexico, that offers comprehensive health, beauty and wellness services in NewCity Medical Plaza, the most important medical complex in Latin America. We help healthcare providers create meaningful connections with their patients through a holistic approach, empowering patients to improve their quality of life with care that enables them to meet their health and aesthetic goals.

Strategic location

NewCity Medical Plaza - the complex where our clinics are located - is located 20 minutes from Downtown San Diego. We are located in the tourist, financial and economic heart of Tijuana.

Affordable Prices

Save 50-75% on medical treatments of various specialties. As a foreigner, you can find health services at just a fraction of what they would cost in your home country.

Certified Physicians

Life & Wellness Medical Group is proud to have in its network only specialists with the highest credentials, certified by the most prestigious medical institutions and organizations.


Life & Wellness Medical Group was founded in 2018 with a team of 8 people in Tijuana, Baja California, with a clear purpose: to provide first-class medical care and aesthetic treatments through specialized clinics with high quality standards. Currently, our medical ecosystem has more than 50 collaborators, including doctors, nurses and administrative staff that support 3 clinics: Bellphoria, The Dental District and The Fertility Center, which serve hundreds of national and international patients each year, especially from USA.


Provide comprehensive, high-value medical care that exceeds our patients expectations and builds lasting relationships.


Become leaders in the medical tourism sector in Tijuana, providing medical care to patients from the United States and Canada.


  • People come first.

    We value the wellness of both our patients and our collaborators above everything else.

  • Inspire confidence every day

    We work to earn the trust of our patients and colleagues by achieveing our commitments and acting with integrity.

  • Challenges are opportunities.

    We constantly innovate our processes to solve any problem quickly and efficiently.

  • Simplicity is the key.

    We focus on what matters most to our patients, creating optimized processes that allow them to take decisions in a simple and informed way.

  • Together we work better

    We all collaborate in an interdisciplinary way with a single goal in mind: to serve the patient, providing exceptional service every day

Meet Our Directors

Nicolás Guerrero

Bernardo Marquez

Operations & Customer Experience Manager

Gyzel Palacio

Administrative Manager

Edmundo Fernández

Commercial Manager

Shantell Raygoza

Senior Brand Manager