Life & Wellness Medical Group:


Life & Wellness Medical Group is a network of clinics of a high standard in Tijuana, Mexico, offering health, beauty, and wellness services in New City Medical Plaza, Latin America's most important medical complex.

We create meaningful connections with our patients through a holistic approach, making it easy to find everything they need before, during, and after their medical appointments in one place.




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The Dental District's New Institutional Video: A Collective Achievement

The Dental District is pleased to announce an exciting milestone in its journey: the premiere of its new institutional video. This project represents the culmination of hard work and dedication from the entire team, from the talented doctors to the committed sales team, and even the valuable patients. It is a testament to the shared vision and collaborative spirit that drives every aspect of the clinic.

Bellphoria: Comprometidas con la Excelencia a través de la Capacitación Continua

At Bellphoria, our commitment to excellence in dermatological and aesthetic care is reflected not only in the treatments we offer but also in the ongoing training of our medical team. We are delighted to share the latest news about the participation of our outstanding dermatologists, Dr. Orly Cheirif and Dr. Nicole Kresch, along with Dr. Fernanda, a specialist in aesthetic medicine, in two key events in the fields of dermatology and aesthetic medicine.